Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Wei June

Wei June born in Guangxi,Wei Changhui's brother's son, was a Chinese general during the Taiping Rebellion and later served as the general of the Taiping monarchy in the early and middle stages of the rebellion, he involved 3 times attacked the Wuchang District and occupied, In third battle with Wuchang District, his commanded 100,000 Taiping troops shot the Xiang Army's spirit master Luo Zenan, made Zeng Guofan and whole Xiang Army very sad.

Wei June subordinate was Chen Yucheng once upon a time early.

But Tianjing's struggle Incident happened in September 2 1856, and Chen Yucheng do not obey Wei‘s orders, he gave up and retreated off from Wuchang District on autumn 1859, soon he surrender to Qing on Chizhou, and Qing admitted Wei join in and used him surrendered many Taiping troops to Qing. Ex: Qing famous generals Cheng Xuechi and Ding Ruchang were surrendered by Wei in battle of Anqing,1861, At last, Wei was forced colonel retired and lived in Wuhu.

Wei provide important information about Li Xiucheng and Chen Yucheng to Zeng Guoquan known.

Wei June's surrender was heavily loss in military strategy for the Taiping Rebellion that could than Battle of the Scheldt and Battle of Wuhan.

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