Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Bao Chao

Bao Chao (; Chyu Ting 春霆 ; was an eminent Han Chinese official, military Captain General, and a unlettered Coolies of the late Qing Dynasty in China. He raised the Xiang Army to fight effectively against the Taiping Rebellion and restored the stability of Qing Dynasty along with other prominent figures, including Zuo Zongtang and Zeng Guofan, setting the scene for the era later to fight against known as the "Nien Rebellion". He was known for his military perception.

Fame and military campaigns

*Enlist the Green Standard Army in Hubei and displace shift of position to Army Group Jiangnan, just was a stoker in 1852.

*In 1853, Made many wins but officer dislike him, Zeng Guofan drafted him joined to the Xiang Army, promoted him be a company commander defend the Lake Dongting.

*In the Xiang Army he promoted very fast, be a Major General and command 15,000 infantry and defended Qimen County in 1856, many times defeated Taiping Army's invaded.

*He had joined combat 500 times and wounded 108 on his body in whole military life.

*Zhejiang Military Region

*Hunan Military Region


He burried in Fengjie County toward north 12km, but he was sight Proletariat betrayer so his grave was destroied by Red Guard on the Cultural Revolution.


*created the royal BATURU in 1864
*Vice Three Excellencies, Crown prince military second master

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