Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Mingsioi or Mingxu {: Mingsioi; ; in older transcription systems, Ming-hsü) was a in 1864-66, charged with the overall command of the Chinese troops in Xinjiang.

Ming Xu's predecessor, Cangcing was sacked after a defeat of Qing troops at Wusu during the Muslim Rebellion. Ming Xu commanded the defense of the against the Dungan and Taranchi rebels for the next two years. Most of Xinjiang and Gansu being controlled by the rebels, he could not expect to receive any aid from China; meanwhile the neighboring would not be interested in seriously helping the Qing against the Muslim rebels either.

Ming Xu's last stand was on March 8, 1866 at his headquarters at . As the rebels were seizing the fort from its starving defendants, Ming Xu assembled his family, staff, treasury, and tea into his palace and set off the gunpowder.

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